Photos of our dogs



IMG 2727 1

Gameron in Kahoots with Roleta aged 10 months doing some show practice.







But this is what I would much rather do, play chase with a ball or a plastic bone.








This is a tin of dog food which Shine thieved from the second shelf of a cupboard, opened with the ring pull and even chewed the top so that she could eat the lot without a scratch :-)






Spring Fair Sat 2

 Shines brother winning in Australia at a Spring Fair!






All photos above courtesy of Janet Lovick-Gibbs (Roleta).



This is my very sensible Standard Poodle, Poppy, she is a 6 to 9 year old ex- show rescue dog. 










Possibly not quite so sensible, but I am a water dog so give me a break :-)








I try not to push myself too hard and if you would like your sofa back..... Tough :-)








Big smile for the camera, Poppy signing off :-)







Photos of Poppy courtesy of Frankie Rawlings.

This is our Standard Poodle Louis the well mannered one :-)








Dillon aka Hooligan:-) is well aware that our rubbish bin is the source of far better food than we provide him, so in he goes :-)














We can never tell him off however as he always likes to take part in washing the dishes ;-)









As most people are aware, we Poodles are designed to work well in water, Dad however, still likes to take a very active role in teaching us to swim properly and can't wait to get stuck in and show us the ropes ;-)









 Louis & Dillon Photos courtesy of Keith and Eileen Lott (Lotts Dream)


2013 03 14 13.05.06

Congratulations Mum, you have passed my cleanliness inspection, you may now wash my bowls;-)








Photo of Flynn (above) courtesy of Lynne Hawtree.
IMG 5028ac

Fast off the straight and down into the hairpin:-)







Photo courtesy of Tim Jennings

Mick (Gameron Simply Red) is 5 years old, he is from our breeding and has been shown lightly with some success. 

2 years ago he got BIS at our club companion show and got a 1st at the Twinstead companion show in July 2013.


Photo courtesy of Ron and Margaret Graham








ivy 19 months 3

Thanks Tracy Jackaman for this photo of Ivy the mad Airedale Terrier at age 18 months, still as barmy now as she was when she started at Clacton Ringcraft, long may it last :-)








2014 02 11


Introducing the lovely Luna owned by Lorraine Baxter.














IMG 8849 2


 Beautiful Rottweiller Puppy, Skylar, owned by Fran Battram.