History of our Club.

A brief history of our club recounted by Janet-Lovick-Gibbs our President. Breeder of World Class Dachshunds. 


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As a matter of interest, in this photo is shown three generations of unique cream miniature smooth haired dachshunds never seen before or since, a piece of history, from 35 years ago. 








Photos courtesy of Janet Lovick-Gibbs.

Our club, formed in 1978, began in the very humble surroundings of a back room at a pub in St Osyth. No refreshments were on offer, but a glass of beer was a welcome treat if and when required :-)  It started in a very small way with 8-10 people attending at the princely sum of 50p per week. We were only able to stay at this venue for just under a year as our ranks, gradually increasing in popularity, began to outgrow our small back room. At this time my prime role was as a trainer, whilst my daughter Rachel aged 13 at the time handled my Smooth-haired and miniature long haired Dachshunds, having already shown one of my Smooth-haired at Crufts by the age of 11.

Our next move was to a hall in St Osyth Road in Clacton on Sea (now demolished), at which time we became affiliated to the Kennel Club and due to the expansion of our club we now required several trainers, some of whom are still with us and others moving on to better things. No longer having the opportunity to sup our good landlords beer, we used to serve tea and biscuits and share the duties of running and training at our club. Inevitably as our club grew there were sometimes one or two ups and downs between our human members as can so often happen when competition comes into play, but despite these occasional rumblings  several of our dogs went on to become Champions, well behaved show dogs, or pets, with myself and others to offer guidance, always having to hand the help of the K.C. Breed Standard book available for reference if required.

I recall we moved to the John Groom Hall, which is now the one-way system, in around 1983 where our dogs were now under the tutelage of Jimmy Richardson and Dave Heap who proved themselves excellent with dogs and people, we stayed there until the area was re-developed. This was now becoming a very popular and successful club, regularly bringing in 15-20 members per week. I by this time was giving Challenge Certificates at home and abroad and my daughter had moved onward from me and dogs.

For a brief time we moved to Folly Farm at Great Clacton due to the re-developement of John Groom Hall, but parking and overall space was minimal so we upped sticks and moved on to Weeley Village Hall in the 1990s, by this time, due to personal reasons I took a back seat though maintaining a watchful eye on training, trainers, and general running of the club. Weeley Village hall has proven to be a very successful venue with our members, hosting companion shows every summer to raise funds for charity and offering several good trainers headed by Jimmy Richardson, for his years of dedication many thanks.Before drawing my trip down memory lane to conclusion, there is one lady I would like to offer my gratitude, Julia Byford-Smith, who has been a stabilising influence within our club and I would go even further than this by saying that without her we wouldn't have survived the many good and bad changes which have taken place over the years. We now have a thriving club with several dogs going on to do great things, from a happy socialised atmosphere, which is our club.

Thankyou for reading.

Janet. (Roleta Dachshunds)